- organization and carrying out corporate events, professional and anniversary holidays;

- rendering  of the consulting assistance in the organization of holidays, invention of exclusive scenarios, stage direction;

- sponsor of orchestras, ensembles, amateur and professional performance groups, certain artists on feasts;

- services in technical providing (sound, light equipment, scenic complex);

- video filming, organization of operation of the video projective device;

- for carrying out actions Lipetsk regional center of culture and folk arts provides  the Large Hall (715 seats), the Small Hall (200 seats),  cafe (100-120 seats), patio; there is a parking space with a convenient access; possibility of outdoor advertisement installation (advertising banner  3m*6m) on a facade;

- organization of away events;

- conference room (40 seats) for meetings;

- lecture-room (25 seats);

- provision of various exhibition areas


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